Packaging Films

The Experts at Citamel Can Provide the Optimum Packaging Stock To Meet the Demands of Your High-Capacity Equipment.

Recommended thicknesses of .5 – .85 Mil – Other thicknesses available. We also carry colored film. Choose from LDPE, HDPE, LDPE/HDPE Blends, CO-EX Blends in 18” – 34” Wide Rolls.

Conventional Films

A competitive line of films for fresh and frozen bulk packaging along with pre-made wicketed bags, plain and printed. The conventional line offers current technology solutions for bulk packaging and bagging production lines.

The LDPE & HDPE Blended film provide needed packaging characteristics such as containment, visibility, and shelf-life. The HDPE content of this film provides good water and oxygen barrier characteristics, while the LDPE enhances good vacuum appearance and sealing ability. The percentage of HDPE resin leaves the film with a slightly cloudy appearance.

  • .5 – .85 Mil Film recommended (Other Mil thicknesses are available)
  • 7250 ft. per roll
  • 24”, 26”, 30”, & 32” width rolls in stock
  • 18” thru 34” width rolls are also available
  • Roll Weight varies depending on width, however a 30” roll weights 58 lbs.
  • 20 rolls per pallet
  • FDA approved – Food contact safe


Conventional Plus Films

This co-extruded film is a three layer film providing added characteristics to the package such as increased water and oxygen barrier. A compound such as metallocene can be added to low and high density resins to provide increased strength to packages put inside the freezer. FDA approved – Food contact safe.


Sustainable Film Solutions

With the increasing demand of going “Green”, Citamel can provide a solution to your package by using degradable resin blends.  Talk to us about your sustainability goals! FDA approved – Food contact safe.

Food Law Guidelines: The polymers utilized in the production of this web comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR177.15203.2a which allows for use in direct food contact applications.
Storage guidelines: Film should be stored in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight for less than one year.
Disclaimer: This information represents our best judgement based on work done, but the company assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with the use of information or finding contained herein.

Citamel Inc.
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Citamel Inc.
2410 W. Main St.
Jackson, MI USA
(517) 787-3601